25 augusti 2014

Mer om EuroCup 2014

Dear 22 sailors,

For organizational reasons, those still not registered for the EuroCup, please sign up your participation at the EuroCup 2014, 17th to 19th September at the Berliner Yacht Club. Link to registration for the EuroCup, http://www.raceoffice.org/event.php?eid=802825757532206c8c9da5&lang=eng .

On the grounds of the Berliner Yacht Club may at any time be camped (tent, caravan…). Spacious showers, toilets and a restaurant with reasonable prices, are available for the sailors.

For boat lifting of yachts that arrive on truck, please contact Matthias Grothues-Spork in advance.

Matthias Grothues-Spork, Berliner Yachtclub
Tel. +49 (0)172 31 31 369
E-Mail: matthias.grothues-spork@t-online.de

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