10 juni 2020

WORLD CUP Sk22 2021

Dear 22 sqm sailors,


On Friday, March 12th, the Int. 22 sqm Working Group reassessed the situation of the 22 sqm planned international regattas. We see that this year many sailors who come from outside Germany are struggling with the various decisions regarding Covid -19. The vaccinations progress is slow in most countries, so that at the beginning of the sailing season we cannot count on a relaxation of the Covid -19 situation to take effect.


The current Covid -19 situation makes planning impossible because the conditions in the different countries and regions are constantly changing. In the Int. 22 sqm Working Group, we therefore made the difficult decision to cancel the World Cup from 6th to 12th June 2021.


We see greater opportunities for international 22 sqm races to be held in the second half of 2021 and to meet up in this way. We would like you to draw attention and attend the regattas in Berlin August 27th - 29th and September 4th - 5th September. (See also regatta calendar on www.SK22.info for further regattas and links)


August 11th to 14th in Nynäshamn - Swedish Championships A22 and Skärgårdskryssarepokalen

The Swedish 22 Klubben had a meeting with the yacht club in Nynäshamns SS and decided to publish the Notice of Race. At a next meeting on April 27th, the further course of action with regard to the Covid-19 situation will be decided.


August 27th to 29th in Berlin - German Open der 22 qm Schärenkreuzer / Edelholzregatta

• 7 races planned

• Friday a long-distance regatta

• Saturday and Sunday up and down courses


September 4th to 5th in Berlin Euro Cup 22 qm und Skerry Cup für 15, 30 und 40 qm Schärenkreuzer

• 22 sqm sail the Euro Cup

• 15, 30 and 40 sqm sail the Skerry Cup

• Saturday and Sunday up and down courses


We hope that until then we can meet again under normal conditions in a good and relaxed atmosphere.





Mit den besten Seglergrüssen / with best sailors wishes

Für die Int. Arbeitsgruppe / Working Group SK22

Zora Sorman





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