2 juni 2020

Dear 22 sqm sailors

The German Open, from July 10th to 12th, 2020 in Berlin on the Wannsee, will definitely take place! Adrian Schmidlin (member Working Group SK22) spoke personally with Robert Niemczewski, the 2nd chairman of the VsaW, in Berlin last week. The sailing regattas on the water are carried out according to the existing announcement. The evening program is adapted to the Corona regulations, which reduces the entry fee. The online registration is open! (https://www.manage2sail.com/en-US/event/edelholz2020?#!/) Don't pay the entry fee because the exact amount is still unknown. It is best to bring the entry fee in cash. We hope you will join for an active participation!

Mit den besten Seglergrüssen / with best sailors wishes
Int. Arbeitsgruppe SK22


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Martina-Hälg-Str. 5
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